At last, a 21st century technology designed for a more efficient home storage solution and improved home value.

Auto-Lad is a fully electronically controlled ladder.  At the press of a button or of a remote, it’s advanced circuit board allows the electronic unlatching of the panel, its opening, extending and de-energizing of the electric motor when Auto-Lad is fully extended.  Depressing the same push button or remote allows retracting of Auto-Lad and when fully retracted, the closure of the panel and it’s automatic re-latching followed by the de-energizing of the electric motor.  For high reliability and safety of operation, Auto-Lad has no position sensors.

While designed for a typical attic space, this structurally superior and sophisticated operating ladder can also be used to substitute stairs in a loft to add privacy and additional room space below.

Auto-Lad’s high strength construction confers stability, ease and safety of utilization. Auto-Lad’s circuit board allows adjustment of many key parameters.
Auto-Lad’s patented revolutionary design incorporates aerospace technology focused on quality, safety and reliability. No shortcuts have been taken on our innovative design.

350 lbs. Duty Rated
Auto-Lad meets requirements of ANSI-ASC